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5 Best Epub Features Every Ebook Lovers Must Be Aware Of

As all of us aware that Epub Download has considerably grown its market with the current era of the digitalization. Epub has become the No 01 best and latest method of reading ebooks which able to amend the ebooks as you want. Although there are several type of ebooks formats are available, most of the ebooks lovers prefer to use .epub format since that much of comfortable to read with download epub. The reason behind that is none other than, its unbeatable and unmatchable features. You will be able to customise your favourite epub ebooks that the way you like.



Let’s talk about the 5 best free Epub features that you must be aware when you reading ebooks.


5 Best Epub Features

The latest version of the epub is .epub 3.1 which has been released with the updated features to epub 3.The features are,

  • Video and audio passages can be embedded on the ebooks so anyone can either read or listen the ebooks. This feature is more useful to visually impaired readers so now they can listen the ebook.
  • User can adjust the font size, colours, font type and the background colour which is so essential in electronic reading.
  • Epub fie format automatically adjust the size according to your device screen size so  If you use small devices such as Mobile or Tablet ePUB would be very useful with this option.
  • User can highlight the important areas in the passages.
  • User can insert bookmarks for relevant areas of the favourite pages.


The EPUB is increasingly the standard ebooks format among the most common ebook formats and Epub Download Free is widely supported across all platforms on all epub readers. Epub was developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)  and Epub is stands for Electronic Publication File which is a free and open ebook standard.



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Epub Download Free

Epub Download Free For Windows/Android/Ios/Kindle

Epub Download is the latest and the best file format which can support any device. Epub files compatible with Computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod and android devices. This is the best file format to read ebooks through the internet those who are addicted reading books from your epub reader. Currently the most of ebooks available in PDF file format. Ebook readers easily download the PDF file format ebooks easily and lots of free web sites available to download PDF. But only you can read it and unable to do changes to the PDF files. But epub download is comes with many features and help you to read ebooks without any problem. Epub has many features than the PDF. Presently you have to pay for download ebooks from the other web sites. But you don’t worry. We will guide you how to download epub free for your device.


Epub Download Features

Epub download has many features compare with the PDF file format. And there is a way to convert PDF files to Epub. Here I will write the features of the epub download.Its support to any epub readers.

  • User can increase or decrease the font size
  • User can change the font type
  • User can change the background color and font color.
  • User can insert bookmarks
  • User can highlight the important areas
  • many more…..

How to Convert PDF to Epub Files?

Here I will tell you how to convert PDF files to Epub via Calibre Software. Calibre is the latest software to convert PDF to Epub easily. Calibre is totally free software to download and you can convert unlimited books without no problems.Refer the step guide of download and install Calibre software.

  • Calibre download free from here
  • Install and open Calibre software
  • Add PDF ebook to the Calibre and click convert PDF to Epub button
  • Next you can edit ebook details or you can change the ebook cover
  • Fill the relevant spaces of your favour and click convert button
  • wait few minutes until your epub ebook ready to read.

Video Tutorial for Convert & Download Epub Ebooks

Following video guide will cover the entire process calibre download.


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What is the best ebook reader in the internet?

Now there are thousands of ebooks available in internet. And also there are more than of thousands of ebook readers also available .But presently the most of ebook readers face in the same problem of reading ebooks through the internet. The most of ebooks read ebooks through the internet and some ebooks cannot read via android or ios devices. But now you do not worry because epub download is now available for any epub readers. Epub download is the best ebook file format which support for any device without any problem. This is the great news people who addicted to read ebooks through the internet. However the most of ebooks available in PDF file format. But the most of them are did not support for all devices. You can’t do any changes with PDF file format. As a solution of these problems epub file format released with more features compare with PDF.


What are the features of Epub Download?

Epub has more features compare with the PDF file format. Presently there are more epub readers use to have epub file formats compare with the PDF file format. And also epub give maximum support for epub readers.The features are as follows,

  • Can increase or reduce fot size and font colours
  • can change the background colours and font colours
  • Can highlight the important areas
  • Can add the book marks for any areas you need

How to Convert and Download ePUB file format?

Calibre is the latest software to convert PDF to Epub Files. Calibre Download process is totally free  and you can download calibre free from our official website, http://www.epubspot.com. Below you can watch the entire process of convert PDF file to Epub. Watch the following video and it will guide you  the entire process.


Important fact;

  • The information obtained from the website,www.epubspot.com
  • This website consist a large number of epub ebooks for download totally free of charge.
  • Credits goes to IDPF and Calibre Software developers.
Epub Download

Reading Books with Epub

imagesEpub Download is a latest method of reading ebooks and can be downloaded and read on devices like smart phones, tablets, computers.Now most of the ebooks available in the PDF format but the technology has changed. Epub is a latest file format support for all kind of epub readers.Compare with the PDF file format you can get more advantages such as,

  • Automatically adjust the page size
  • Can be changed the font colors,size, text and background colors.
  • Can highlight the important ares of the passages.
  • The library can store unlimited books and and can be searched any time

How to Convert PDF to EPUB

imagesNow we don’t have enough free web sites for download the epub ebooks. But there are thousands of web sites available for PDF file format ebooks. Then we have to convert the PDF to Epub file format by using Calibre software. You can download Calibre via www.epubspot.com/calibre.

Calibre is a free software to download epub and it support to change the PDF to Epub. You can edit the converted epub files and also you can delete the unnecessary pages. Calibre is a great ebook reader for Windows, Mac and Linux and portable.Lets download this latest software and enjoy your reading.

Download and Install Calibre Software – Video Guide


This video guide helps you to download Calibre software to your Windows PC. Currently this is the latest version for epub readers. When you complete the installation process please follow the below guide lines.

  • Need to insert the PDF file to the Calibre then click “Add books”
  • To convert the PDF to Epub then click “Convert books”

Important Fact about Epub readers

  • The information available at www.epubspot.com
  • You can download large number of books in this web site and all are totally free.
  • Credit goes for Calibre software developers.