Epub Download

Reading Books with Epub

imagesEpub Download is a latest method of reading ebooks and can be downloaded and read on devices like smart phones, tablets, computers.Now most of the ebooks available in the PDF format but the technology has changed. Epub is a latest file format support for all kind of epub readers.Compare with the PDF file format you can get more advantages such as,

  • Automatically adjust the page size
  • Can be changed the font colors,size, text and background colors.
  • Can highlight the important ares of the passages.
  • The library can store unlimited books and and can be searched any time

How to Convert PDF to EPUB

imagesNow we don’t have enough free web sites for download the epub ebooks. But there are thousands of web sites available for PDF file format ebooks. Then we have to convert the PDF to Epub file format by using Calibre software. You can download Calibre via www.epubspot.com/calibre.

Calibre is a free software to download epub and it support to change the PDF to Epub. You can edit the converted epub files and also you can delete the unnecessary pages. Calibre is a great ebook reader for Windows, Mac and Linux and portable.Lets download this latest software and enjoy your reading.

Download and Install Calibre Software – Video Guide


This video guide helps you to download Calibre software to your Windows PC. Currently this is the latest version for epub readers. When you complete the installation process please follow the below guide lines.

  • Need to insert the PDF file to the Calibre then click “Add books”
  • To convert the PDF to Epub then click “Convert books”

Important Fact about Epub readers

  • The information available at www.epubspot.com
  • You can download large number of books in this web site and all are totally free.
  • Credit goes for Calibre software developers.