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5 Best Epub Features Every Ebook Lovers Must Be Aware Of

As all of us aware that Epub Download has considerably grown its market with the current era of the digitalization. Epub has become the No 01 best and latest method of reading ebooks which able to amend the ebooks as you want. Although there are several type of ebooks formats are available, most of the ebooks lovers prefer to use .epub format since that much of comfortable to read with download epub. The reason behind that is none other than, its unbeatable and unmatchable features. You will be able to customise your favourite epub ebooks that the way you like.



Let’s talk about the 5 best free Epub features that you must be aware when you reading ebooks.


5 Best Epub Features

The latest version of the epub is .epub 3.1 which has been released with the updated features to epub 3.The features are,

  • Video and audio passages can be embedded on the ebooks so anyone can either read or listen the ebooks. This feature is more useful to visually impaired readers so now they can listen the ebook.
  • User can adjust the font size, colours, font type and the background colour which is so essential in electronic reading.
  • Epub fie format automatically adjust the size according to your device screen size so  If you use small devices such as Mobile or Tablet ePUB would be very useful with this option.
  • User can highlight the important areas in the passages.
  • User can insert bookmarks for relevant areas of the favourite pages.


The EPUB is increasingly the standard ebooks format among the most common ebook formats and Epub Download Free is widely supported across all platforms on all epub readers. Epub was developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)  and Epub is stands for Electronic Publication File which is a free and open ebook standard.




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